Our Boris has had his say. What we thought was the big lie in the referendum was not big enough. He has tried an even bigger lie in January. What has Boris got to gain from this latest lie?

He is almost certainly vying for attention. He has had negative press because his comments led Iran to feel vindicated jailing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. His foot in mouth diplomacy meant that this young mum spent Christmas in an Iranian jail, just for visiting relatives and she is still in jail. Normally one would expect this to be a sacking offence. But the cynical use of innocent people has never been a barrier for the furtherment of his career.

Let’s go back to the original 350 million the EU was stealing from us. We NEVER sent £350 million a week to the EU. Our rebate was always taken away before any money was sent. This would mean a gross amount of around £260 million. We also get just under £100 million back from the EU in subsidies and support for the poorest areas in the country. So, this figure is now £160 million per week. That is a lot of money and it equates to every individual paying £2 per week.

So, it is worth it. There is also money that goes to the private sector, supporting businesses. There is money that goes into research, a lot of which ends up in British universities, supporting local economies. Fish stocks recovering, the environment a priority for the farmers but still no food shortages. Depressed areas like Bradford getting around £12 million a year to support the community that the local and national government are neglecting, such as housing and our youth.

It goes to improve democratic processes throughout burgeoning democracies to the east of Germany. It supports the poorest regions in the EU. It has also been part of a continual peace in our region. There is waste, as in any democracy, but not as much as our hyped-up media would have you believe.

A cultural enlightenment that means many young Britains (below 40) feel European and part of a greater community. The same youth who voted against Brexit are the very ones who will have to live with it. This week the Berlin wall has been down, longer than it was up. Astonishing, peaceful change in Europe with very little bloodshed and democracies starting up. How much did the EU support this political process? Would it have been so peaceful without something to join?

So, the lie is clearly a lie and yet the Buffoon still repeated it and has now upped the ante. He is also now claiming to want to build a bridge to France after burning our own with the EU. How irrelevant is he feeling at this moment in time? Theresa May cannot last past March 2019 and I would suspect may go before this. The government is paralysed by Brexit and blinded by the shining light of a disaster facing this country, that the NHS, education and the people are being left to rot while they fight to find a cohesive Brexit strategy and our Buffon schemes to lead.

So, Boris can’t find anything positive about Brexit so deflects with nonsense. As with any great Trumpism, don’t worry about the lie, just say it long enough, make it wild enough and no one will ever doubt it. When though will this country wake up to the lies, manipulation that is alienating the people in the country, causing poverty on an unprecedented scale and will only benefit the few who avoid their taxes and want a far-right agenda in this country.

We need to stop being deflected and start focusing and getting our media to ask the right questions and not let this nonsense go unchallenged. Only then will the paucity of their arguments be obvious to all.

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