I feel the whiff of election disaster in the air. The Tories seem to be pursuing political suicide and think a quick apology here or there will suffice.

The NHS has been starved of funding and the much vaunted ‘350M per week’ has quickly evaporated, fundamentally because it was lies. There is a lack of doctors, because of the ridiculous junior doctor’s contracts forced through. There is a lack of nurses because of pay, conditions and poor recruitment. 1 in 8 emergency patients are left in the ambulance for 30+minutes. How often do we have to put up with this? How many additional deaths will be reported before people take this seriously? Should you ignore it until it is your relative who dies in a corridor or in the ambulance?

Schools have been cost cutting for 7 years now. Parents are buying more equipment so that schools can do their job, bigger class sizes, less teaching assistants, longer periods for CAMH’s appointments, affecting the mental health of children. Money wasted on free schools and faith schools that could be used to fill the shortfalls in the system. The education of our young people affected by this government.

Brexit shows incompetence and delusion to the extreme. Everything the Tories have said would happen has been rejected. We would pay nothing to the EU. (50-60 billion). The easiest trade deal ever. (not even started). A minister who leaves meetings early to meet the Daily Fail editor. Finally, unelected bureaucrats are negotiating for the UK because the EU was being run by unelected bureaucrats!! A trade minister who has so far visited 43 countries and has zero initial agreements in 17 months. Yes, he cannot agree a trade deal until we leave, but he could have those initial agreements lined up showing how much other countries want to trade with us. He has none.

Finally, the infighting and low majority. Yes, we can find £1 billion for the DUP so that we can have a minority government, but not for the NHS, education, mental health, tuition fees…

You would have thought the annihilation of 1997 would have taught the Tories that Europe only brings about disaster for them. Yet they have been driven by an infected minority, who have been pandered to, when they should have been ignored. They would have done much better to let the activists and MP’s leave for UKIP and start afresh with new candidates. The reason this did not happen is because the people with the power have the money. They are the ones who keep their money off shore, who would be most affected by the EU closing the tax havens down. So, the EU irrationality has been funded and fuelled in the tory party and in the papers.

I ask any Tory if they are currently happy with the debacle? Anyone who says yes is so blinded by their partisan mentality they would follow them to oblivion. If not, then how do you stop this carnage? My personal feelings are that I could never vote for them again. There saving grace is that Jeremy Corbyn is running labour. Where would the Tories be if David Miliband had won the party nomination rather than Ed? Where would the country be? I know some labourites were happy that they did not do badly, but even with all of this happening they still could not persuade the majority to vote for them. Corbyn is as much a fundamentalist, which will always alienate a majority in the end, as the far-right Tories are doing. This is why I have joined the Liberal Democrats. The 2-party system is failing this country. First past the post is failing the country. It is creating a system that panders to influential minorities rather than focussing on the majority. It is creating a parliament that fuels rhetoric rather than honesty. It creates dissolution with democracy because people do not feel part of the system. Hence the Brexit vote. I know the coalition is brought up as an example of how the liberals did not work. But I would ask these questions? A party that won 15% of the nation’s vote is constantly criticised that it did not push for tuition fees to be removed. One policy compared to the many the other parties constantly back track on. Also without Nick Clegg’s liberals steadying the ship, would Austerity have been far worse and the countries public services in a worse state than they currently are? I doubt it.

It is time for this current government to be removed from power and to give the country the chance to move forward. Dare I say that this is actually the will of the people.

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