We are 17 months into our Brexit future and I wonder how the 17.4million (26.7% of population) who voted for Brexit still feel. The mounting evidence of our impending economic downturn and the fanatics with their hands over their ears shouting loudly ‘I’m not listening’, seems bizarre in the extreme.

I have several questions that I think show the insanity of the situation, and whether anyone who supported Brexit could realistically answer with facts rather than blind faith.

  1. Why when we are so close to the most successful trading block, are we leaving the single market and scrambling to be part of smaller trading blocs in the pacific ring?
  2. Why do we include students in immigrant figures, inflating those figures, when they bring income to world leading institutions and therefore local economies? Is it to create a problem that does not exist?
  3. Why are the people who wanted Brexit so lacking in ideas about its future?
  4. Why have those same people completed no impact assessments for leaving the EU?
  5. Why are the people who wanted sovereignty, so scared to debate this in our sovereign parliament?
  6. Why do they want an open border with Ireland and free movement of goods, but refuse to allow it elsewhere?
  7. Is any industry excelling since we have voted to leave the EU?

The cancer infecting the Tory party, which has been eating away at it for over 30 years is now directly impacting on the United Kingdom. Where before they were simply voted out for 13 years, they are now causing the country to be ruined by lies and deceit. Even chief Buffoon Boris didn’t expect or want to win, he was mainly positioning himself for leadership in the future. In fairness, he would have been successful, except of course he won the vote and lost all chances of being PM.

If we look at each question individually we can see the shambles that is occurring in front of our eyes. It is economic suicide to leave the 2nd biggest trading block in the world. It is the largest economy in the world and the largest trader of manufactured goods. The same trading block that is outperforming the US and other major economies and we want to leave it. It has meant that the UK has dropped to the bottom of G8 countries for growth in that short 17-month period from the top.

https://www.ft.com/topics/themes/UK_GDP (please read articles, rather than headlines)

Have the Tories and the tabloids been stoking the immigrant card to enrage a public. Area’s, such as Gosport, with little immigration invariably used immigration as an excuse for leaving the EU. Immigration does impact locally, but only if government does not plan for it. As the public services, agriculture and service industries struggle to cover for immigrants leaving, is reduced immigration worth the cost to the economy? We are also finding the Brits are not wanting to take over the immigrants jobs.


Where are the inspirational ideas and leaders for Brexit’s future? There are non, because it was driven by hate and ignorance. This kind of thinking only breeds the accusations about patriotism, traitors and abuse of Judges, MP’s and anyone else who disagrees. It does not fuel enlightenment and progress because it is the antithesis of this.



In terms of impact assessments, the ridiculous part is they have been done. The governments own economic assessment in 2016 was abused as fear mongering. Unfortunately, it has been shown to be accurate in terms of reduced growth and a falling pound. The £350 million each week for the NHS has now disappeared by lower tax receipts and the cost of Brexit. Apart from it being a fabrication from the start and a third went to our poorest areas, the promises to the farmers, fisheries and car industry make that amount a deficit now. The other reports, which will have been completed, will show a negative for the economy. Otherwise the brexiteers would have them in their tabloids, highlighted, and paraded with parties in the street so we could look forward to our utopian future of isolation.


Of course the EU have completed impact assessments. They are all negative and so shall be ignored or because they are derived from facts and honest assessment.

You cannot have your cake and eat it. The arrogance of these Tories and Farage, that blame everyone for not accepting an open Ireland border, but their refusal to accept the single market and the ECJ to monitor that border. You cannot pick and choose international agreements and this reality has still not sunk into this old colonial bunch.

There are no positives to this, unless you have a view that the UK is for white English speakers who drink tea and attend church regularly and almost certainly believe in the class system. These people would not be persuaded by zero employment or any fact that shows the wrong decision has been made, so I would not try.

Some though still see the EU as bloated and undemocratic. I agree. Yet this is not the way to change or improve it. There are millions of people in Europe who agree with us, but cannot support an arrogant nation who only argue for themselves.

We must stop Brexit and we must then look to change the EU for the better politically. If we have to leave, we must stay in the single market and keep the benefits of this. We can then hope that our politicians can focus on the british people and deal with our NHS, education, mental health, the housing market, reduced incomes, higher costs, looking after our aging population, infrastructure to improve productivity……

Here’s hoping.

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