Man of the people, Nigel Farage spoke extensively to Paul Dacre, Daily Fail editor, about his life before and after the referendum. These extracts failed to make it into the Mail, but they have exclusively been revealed today.

Paul Dacre (PD): Nigel, man of the people, why do you think you connect with all the common people of Britain, like what we do?

Nigel Farage (NF): I think it started at Dulwich College. Although this is a fee paying independent school, it’s not like Eton, which needs serious money to attend. Us nouveau riche were never accepted by the ruling class of Britain. That’s why I didn’t bother with Oxford or Cambridge. It was nothing to do with intellect, I just knew I wouldn’t fit in with the ruling elite. Anyway, someone I knew in the city had offered me a job because of the school I went to, so I was fine.

PD: So did that rejection hurt?

NF: No. The real rejection came when the Tories refused to have me as an MP. Too racist they said. I knew then that the establishment was against me, so I left and created UKIP. I had seen a niche in European elections, where no one really voted. I knew that if I could galvanise the racist and ignorant, then i would not need a majority to get in. I was always described as loud and ballsy, so I just moaned about the EU constantly and no one seemed to check what I was saying was lies.

PD: So you had over twenty years as an MEP, what is your biggest achievement?

NF: Well I’ve screwed the EU for every cent I could get. You know I live in a multi million pound house. I have increased the far right in the EU and I knew once I got the eastern Europeans in, I would really accelerate the hate towards minorities. These peope who say I achieved nothing need to look at that record and weep.

PD: Have you always been seen as racist?

NF: Well this is political correctness gone mad. I mean, in the 60’s and 70’s it was fine to call the  blacks and Asians by whatever name we liked. Now we can’t say anything like that.

I am not a racist. I know some blacks and I would even have a black person as a servant or something like that.

PD: What was the biggest driver for you personally  to get the UK to leave the EU?

NF: I just don’t agree with foreigners setting rules that we have to follow. Its wrong. We now have to follow what the french and germans tell us. We are the empire and we can again rule once the EU breaks up and Trump dismantles NATO and the UN. We again can be the white force running the world in our interests.

PD: And what about your future?

NF: I’m back to where I began really. As a common man. My loss of pay to only £70000 is like those northerners and the poor having to go on universal credit. There suffering is my suffering. I don’t know how I will cope. Barring a couple of holidays for me, somewhere hot obviously to keep the tan up, I will have to beg to people like the daily mail owners, so I can stay in their tax break off shore houses, now the EU wont get to them obviously. ( wry smile on NF face)

I am a bit depressed though. I don’t understand why people hate me so much. I never said I was telling the truth, just jousting the establishment and bringing out the British superiority complex about foreigners, so I could get my knighthood and retire. Now everyone hates me and I only have my EU pension to survive on. It’s ironic that the people I hated and fought, have to pay me until I die. One big laugh really.

PD: Finally, any more political activities?

NF: I’m a big hit with the racists abroad now. I went to a far right rally in the Germany recently and obviously Trumps my BFF. I may go and live over there. As I campaigned for the paedophile Roy Moore, I thought this southern america suits me down to the ground. They know how to treat the inferior and can say what they like. No political correctness. Its great.


That’s it for this extract. You can see more later when Nigel talks to Paul about how the daily HateMail has used its influence to galvanise the little Englander in us all and how Nigel worked with Russian Bots to seed the hate in Britain and the US.

Please note: NF is definitely for Nigel Farage and not the National Front, who in no way want to be associated with these comments.


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