Well, this process just keeps getting stranger. I have described it as Alice’s Rabbit hole before and the we seem to be getting further down it. The question is, will we be able to wake up from this dream?

All through the vote, we were told that we would never leave the single market and we would be like Norway. We had no need to worry with the “easiest” negotiations in history. They need us more than we need them. Awake yet?

  1. WTO tariffs will be fine. Yes and no to this question. The country will be able to trade under these rules. The downside no one seems to mention is that it will decimate the manufacturing sector. No one has mentioned it because no Brexiteer cares that these lower wage jobs will go. Except of course the people who will be out of work.
  2. We should be able to trade like Norway. Yes and no again. We can trade like Norway, but this means free movement and being in the customs union. All fine in my opinion. We have left the EU. Tick. We can trade with the EU as before. Tick. Except the hard brexiteers do not want this  and so have turned the referendum into people voting for this and not to leave the EU. I would suggest at this point a second vote may be needed, but this terrifies them and so they will fight this at every opportunity.
  3. The easiest negotiations EVER. Always a curious one for me. If the EU took the hit, the trade with the UK is spread over 27 countries and the imports from the UK could then be created in the EU itself. We on the over hand lose 42% of our trading partners immediately. I would suggest this will decimate our economy. But i know this is project fear so I should not even try and be unpatriotic. We are already losing EU jobs and funding to our institutions as we have seen this week. When will reality bite.
  4. If only people just believed, it would become true. At this point I roll my eyes and curse these idiots. If the argument is right and has been won, then it would move forward with gusto and determination. Yet what we have found, with the Brexiteers driving this, is road blocks, car crashes and an EU who do not need us, who are driven by their principles of free movement and who’s house has not collapsed when the UK voted leave. If anything, it has galvanised the EU citizens, realising what a devastating event the leave vote was. They do not want that and have shown that in how they have voted in national elections. We are alone.

I am happy to go with the decision to leave the EU, in the sense that it did get a majority vote. We did not vote for any particular type of leave. In a balance to the whole country, we should look to have the Norwegian approach in the short-term, 5 to 10 years. This would allow business to continue; we would have left the EU and it will allow us to trade elsewhere. No cliff edge, no hard-line, just a smoother exit. Almost sensible. Yet what we have is maniac’s blaming Ireland; blaming the EU; blaming judges; blaming anyone who they think they can smear to take the light off what is the worse the decision this country has made. Not only that, but they keep on telling what this vote was. A vote for no immigration; a vote to pay nothing; a vote to control our borders ( reminder: they did not say reduce immigration after the vote); a vote to stop the ECJ having jurisdiction in the UK. Let me repeat, all we voted for was leave or remain. Binary choice, and no definition with it. It is now up to this country and the EU to negotiate what we have.

We could always have another vote to decide.(sorry)

Of course what i would like is to wake up from this divisive insanity, where a small tribal group push to be out of the EU because they do not like others having power, that they feel they are entitled to. Whether that is the tax exiles, who are scared of the EU rules on tax havens(media moguls and the wealthy within the Tories) or the racists and xenophobes who fear an integrated community. In my woken state, i will see a second referendum, with proportional representation and a non binary vote, which gives us an opportunity to give the people a choice and allow the country to progress with Hard Brexit; Soft Brexit (norwegian model) or retract and stay. This third option is obviously mine allowing us to use the event to change the EU for the better, inside the organisation. Lets hope that queen does not catch us and we wake up safe.

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