No, this is not my dating reactions! This is  heard more and more though, as the days are counted down to the election. The eternal question of who to vote for. This may be why 34% of the country did not vote in 2015. This, to me at any rate, is a shocking statistic. The vote that led to Brexit was ignored by 1 in 3 voters.

So, before worrying about who to vote for, we should persuade more people to vote. In my opinion voting should be on a Bank holiday or weekend and everyone should vote. Also the voting registration needs to change. The younger members of society are more transient and this makes it harder for them to register. We also need to make everyone’s vote count. This means PR, in whatever form parliament decides. I ask only one question on this. Why do opposition parties argue for change outside of government, but fail to change our voting system or the Lords when in power? Is this where self-serving appearances are formed from the cynical public? Sorry that was two questions!

So, if we can change the view of voting and we can get people to vote, who do they vote for? We have the Conservatives who historically are stable in government and pro business, but tend to run down the public services and since the Eighties, want to privatise anything that moves with public money. At this point I have to admit that I always voted Conservative. I was brought up in a working class area and disliked the control and influence Unions had on the area. This being said, the way they imploded about Europe in the 90’s and have since damaged the country with the Brexit vote, it will take a long time for me to go back to them. This has only been further enhanced by the callous opportunism of the May government calling an election because they see it works for them, because of the perceived weakness of Jeremy Corbyn. This is not what the country needs, if I could quote May, and she was right in that aspect. It only reinforced that they are there for power and not for the country. The way she has then had to U-turn on several issues shows she is not right for the country and the push for hard Brexit guarantees she will not get my vote.

Corbyn on the other hand is starting to be a Messiah. Rising from the dead, after being given no chance of winning. He is actually looking a credible challenger. Is this more to do with May or Corbyn? I am still undecided on this. We would get an injection of funds into the state sector which is desperately needed, but to say £70,000 is rich alienates people. Also £70,000 in Bradford is a lot of money, whereas £70,000 in the southeast will probably get you a flat on a big mortgage. It is all relative and it is unfair to pick on groups and having a situation of an US and Them. The rich are not the enemy, they just need to pay the same proportion as everyone else and they will pay more. This, us against them mentality is why I could not vote labour.

I would also pick one example about the railways that I think highlights the naivety of Labour in business. The railways in the UK are by no means perfect. But under a nationalised body, the railways lacked investment, they were a national joke and they needed investment. This was not coming from the government, espcially as the government had none at the time. They are now run privately and make a profit, even though they still get subsidies. Labour think that money would be put back into the railways because if a private company can make money, so will the public sector. This has been proven many times to be incorrect. The public body runs the railways for the people and so spends money for comfort rather than convenience. They put guards and drivers on every train and try to service every station. This makes it inefficient and eventually uneconomical. The private company wants to make a profit and so run it with the fine line of getting it right at the cheapest cost and giving an effective service. This is why they make a profit. I am not saying which is the best method, but to claim a public body would make the same profit is ridiculous. This is where labour fall down in my eyes.

Then we have the smaller parties. UKIP in the last election gained 4 million votes and so should at this point get airtime. Thankfully they do, because unless you ideologically support UKIP, you would probably not find anything worthwhile in their policies. The Greens are run superbly by Carolyn Lucas, but like UKIP are seen as a one trip pony. The liberals are still recovering from the 2015 election and Tim Farron’s homosexual sex questions, although improvements have been seen. I also think having another vote on Brexit is vital so we are not railroaded into having a hard Brexit. We did not vote for that, we voted to leave the EU, not the conditions of exit.

Now I have previously written about the inadequacies of our leaders at this moment in time, both in dealing with the issues here and abroad. Yet how do we say this to them. You have 2 choices in my opinion.

The first is to vote tactically. In my own area, the conservative MP has a large majority of the people who vote, gaining 61% of the vote. But if everyone voted this would equate to only 43% of the vote. The other candidates shared the rest, but could unify, in my area, around the liberal MP to remove the incumbent. This could be done up and down the country to stop a possible party winning the election, especially if you want a social agenda and the nearly every party other than Conservatives and UKIP (one and the same) are the only right-wing options.

The other is far more radical. The conservative won 51% of the seats in parliament with only 24% of the national vote. Yet have starved the NHS and education and brought about the dire Brexit vote. They did not earn this mandate. No one feels that there is a standout party or leader in the current election. Could you imagine if we had 80-90% of people voting, but 40% spoiled their paper. The message this would send to our politicians we are not happy with the status quo. We are not happy with them denigrating groups and industries for their own political gain. We are not happy that we have moved to the extremes of left and right to make themselves different, when what we want is to occupy the centre ground and be a liberal, forward thinking country. We are not happy with how our relations have soured with Europe, finding our only Allie is with the maniac who is Trump. We are not happy with the parties fighting for themselves and stopping looking after the people they represent. The key is to vote. The key is to send a message that what we have at the moment is not the best for this country and we need change.

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