I love sport and I love football. The atmosphere, the singing of the crowds, the camaraderie and humour. The football is sometimes good too. I have no issue with them earning money for the skills they have, the money is there and they are the ones who entertain us. They are not though, the most intellectual group of people and their interviews show little oratory skills. So, should we listen to them?

We currently have a former footballer who is causing consternation by actually commenting on social issues. Now Gary Lineker has always been a different English footballer than the rest. Not only successful over a long period of his career with many clubs, but also successful abroad with one of the greatest clubs, Barcelona. He learnt the language, fitted in with the culture and from the reports I have read, had a great work ethic that helped prolonged his career at the highest level. He has also had other life experiences with the illness of his son and the marriages he has had.

Yet he has the temerity to speak up for the Syrian refuges. This on its own would not be an issue, if he hadn’t been so outspoken about Brexit. This has meant he has riled the Alt right who now see him as the enemy.

The most common response to his emails is that he should ‘stick to football’, because they don’t agree with what he is saying. He is ‘rich’ so what does he know about the ‘ordinary person’. He wants these refugees over here and yet he does not have any living with him, therefore he is a hypocrite.

I am curious at what point empathy left some of these people and whether they understand the core principles of free speech. I also wonder what would be said if he replied that ordinary people should not have a say because what experiences do they have of the political world, when they rarely leave their town and the only culture they see is on the beaches of Ibiza.

When Ewan McGregor refused to go the Morning Show because Piers Morgan was on the show, Morgan’s response was to say he was just an actor. McGregor again someone who is the face of refugee support is an actor and is almost certainly very rich, felt on principles that with the comments Morgan had made, he did not want to meet him. Morgan a staunch friend of Trump, feels he can increase his time in the light by being as controversial as possible with little evidence for the comments he makes. We all know Trumps response is that anything he doesn’t agree with is fake news and only his diatribe is correct.

So, this is the world we live in. The Alt right berate anyone they disagree with and hound them until they stop. Yet are we to stick to our specialism and only comment on those particular issues. I should stick to only teaching and Morgan should stick to mindless TV and we should let the experts tell us about what we need to know. Except we don’t trust the experts anymore. The Alt right have again told us that they are wrong and not to trust them. The classic case of this is Global warming.  These experts are part of the establishment and sell global warming to get more funding. Yet these scientists from every country could earn more individually by showing global warming to be wrong. Has any scientist even come close to showing this? No! The facts are irrefutable, but science gives warnings about their numbers rather than showing certainty and our politicians argue against this by being certain. Even without an ounce of knowledge about the subject.


So, we cannot not comment if we are not involved and we cannot comment if we are experts. So, who should we listen to? The Alt right and left of course and their supporters, which are predominantly in the media. Yet the media is no longer a news reporter, but a news commentator and this difference needs to be highlighted. This is what Lineker does. He highlights the hypocrisy of their content, he shows empathy towards fellow humans who are not British and he looks for social cohesion and unity rather than spreading division and hatred. He truly is the enemy of the Alt right and the lies they like to spin. He is their true enemy and they will continue to attack him but, and he would not like this, but he and others like him, are true heroes in our time, standing up to these bullies and continues to comment and speak their mind. Long may it continue.

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