I need to start this post by stating I am utterly appalled by what happened in London this week; what happened in France, Germany and all terrorist attacks. I also do not think that we are to blame for the attacks because we invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a soft reason for a complex problem.

Strange that I need to say all of this, but as ever after these attacks I sit infuriated by the news coverage given to murderers. I hear the Alt. Right saying that ‘one man stopped a city’, which is ridiculous statement, but one man really did stop the media and sent them down the rabbit hole. The horrific act that this murderer committed, was done to get attention and to spread fear. We all know this, but our media and politicians immediately  spin into hyperbole and spend hours pouring over the same point, regurgitating the same scenes with little additional news, so that the airwaves are filled. I would like to see both sides rein in the rhetoric and tell it for what it is. One man drove a car, killing and injuring scores of people. He then went to the gate of the Commons and in cold blood killed PC Keith Palmer, before being shot. He did not attack democracy, he did not attack the mechanisms of democracy. They still stand tall today as they will for a long time to come. He did not even stop a city. He closed a few roads around Westminster for a few days. Even after the attacks in July 2005, London carried on. The UK carried on. We were in shock and there was some fear initially but it did not stop us from doing what we always do, with the freedom that we have. We are not at war with terrorism. We do have to fight the dangers of fundamental believers and the attacks they attempt, whether this is Islamic or far right. We have to stand with our police and security forces and support them, but we should not lose our freedoms and liberty for it. Some will see this as leftist apologist for the Islamic extremists. It is not and never will be. They are in the last throes of a movement. They have a small enclave in Syria and Pakistan, but they have killed too many Muslims for the sanctuary to be extended. It is slowly disappearing, as is their funds and support. They can muster one 50-year-old man to hire a car and take a knife; we should not lose our freedoms for this and they should not get airtime spreading fear of who they are and enabling ignorance against many peaceful Muslims in this and other countries. We have seen with Brexit that the racist’s in this country have been emboldened by this fear of change. The only thing that will change our country is if we let that fear take hold and we make decisions because of it. Stop giving time to the people who do not deserve it. Show the streets of a vibrant capital that carries on. Show the PC Palmer, who bravely stood in front of the murderer and the people who courageously helped the victims. Stop giving time to the one man who wanted it for his cause, labelling him a terrorist, because that is what he and his group wanted. Call him what he is. A murderer and a coward and leave him as a footnote in our history of peace, justice and liberty.

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