One of my many frustrations with the media and politicians is the lack of value given to humans from other countries. This manifests itself in various forms, but was acutely visible in the EU referendum, where eastern Europeans were seen as the enemy and used to show that we don’t want ‘other’ cultures in our country. I will not discuss the facts of how diversity has enhanced this country, but merely look at the fact that although our politicians are paid to look after British citizens, this should not be to lower the value of humans from other countries.

Is this because we traditionally felt superior because of the British empire and how we domesticated the savages throughout the world? Is it our Christian upbringing that demeans other faiths and traditions? in some respect it is part of it but I feel it is our insecurity with our position in the world. We no longer feel a world power, yet sit at the top table of world affairs. We, as do the US, Russians and Chinese, have an air of superiority purely from a historical context and not from how the world has changed and its current situation. Why are India not on the UN security council. With nearly 1/6 of the earths population in India and massively expanding economy and space programme, surely they should have more sway in world affairs. Africa and South America have no say yet account for 1/4 of the earths population, yet again have no say. This is an arrogance that as an established democracy we are better are dealing with these matters than those from ‘lesser’ countries.


It is this arrogance that see’s British lives as worth more. That see’s the news report a couple of British deaths when hundreds could have been killed elsewhere. This arrogance see’s the far right kill a British MP because she saw everyone in this country as equal, and not in a league table of importance and it is this arrogance that saw us leave the EU because we would yet again dominate the world through our superiority of commerce and trade. This, despite the fact that almost all sustained prosperity in history has been created has been through Unions and international agreements. Some lives are not more important than others and although the British media should report on the events for Britains, it should not do so for the ignorance of the suffering of others. We are not better than other countries, but we are a country with great values and traditions that can be used to help support and lead where required. Our people, on the whole, respect and explore other cultures, but our next evolution as people should be to see us all as Humans and all who can support and work together to enhance the lives of everyone on the planet. Only through this Humanism can we overcome the problems of Global warming, desertification, aggresive autocrats and many more issues as the worlds population expands. This has to start with how we view each other and has to start in countries like the UK which is diverse and succesfull.

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